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feed crows

I have a weekend place in upstate New York where I feed the ravens who live on my property spaghetti once every weekend on Sunday mornings. I have been feeding a murder of crows in my yard for about 2 years. When i was about 8 years old we had some new nieghbors move in the neighborhood bringing with them a crow that could talk.

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Like their cousins, fish crows build their nest in trees. The crow is classified by the federal government as a migratory nongame bird. It’s the only bird in this classification that may be hunted. In Hawaii, however, crows are protected because there is an endangered crow species there. Crows may be hunted during established seasons which may not exceed 124 days per year. States are prohibited from establishing seasons during the peak nesting period.

I just want to see them fed at least once a day (on days off, they might get a mid-afternoon serving of peanuts. One crow has come onto the deck while I’m there; the other waits, watches, and accepts peanuts tossed into the clearing. I feed them peanuts, setting a couple/few on top of a corner deck post and tossing some into a shoveled clearing 15 feet from the deck. It would also steal shiny things, coins, lighters etc.. My son and i were in front of our house a couple of years ago and a crow said «hello» back and forth with us a bunch of times. I remember one day I was waiting for the bus and there were two crows just chatting.

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We stopped fishing in that pond afraid we would catch Big Boy and end our fun. I live in the middle of nowhere, and i made friends with a crow family by throwing trapped mice out knowing something would eat them. I have a nut-based birdseed mix that the smaller songbirds in my neighborhood don’t care for, but the jays and crows love it. I have three hanging birdfeeders, and for the crows i have a platter for the nuts, and a smaller cat dish to put things like boiled eggs or fresh fruits. When I came down to my back door, which is glass, I saw a single crow eating at a pinecone feeder that had been knocked to the ground. Since then I’ve worked to find what my neighborhood crows like to eat.

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I have no plans on “rescuing” the injured bird and keeping it as a pet, but I’ve found myself in a very similar situation before with a dove. I want to try and earn the crow’s trust so I can either see how damaged they are, or call someone to professionally care for them. I’m looking forward to some future birdwatching… MOST nuts of course, with walnuts being a fovorite, almonds a close second, sunflower seeds and cashews.. Peanuts too, though technically NOT a nut, If given a choice between shelled or UN-shelled, the latter wins every time, hands down.

How Can I Communicate With Crows?

We share bird-specific traits that cause us problems, nesting issues and how to get rid of that particular bird. Stop bird in underground parking, lots, booths & trees that surround your municipal or private vehicle-based business. Birds find trussed overhangs, roll-up doors and other features of warehouse areas good for nesting.We stop them. The Black Crow Superstition My story of rescuing a black crow and what I learned about crows, diseases, and superstitions.


However, taking an adult raven out of its natural habitat to turn it into a pet may cause it to become violent. You could place coins or another polished garden decor that will reflect the sun, thereby capturing the attention of ravens flying overhead. Utilizing a fake raven is a wonderful way to attract others to your garden. Ravens like to keep other ravens as company, and they tend to hang out in pairs. Technically, it’s possible for you to buy a raven that doesn’t belong to the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ravens Making Good Pets

Tree nests tend to be in a crotch high in the tree, but below the canopy and typically farther down in a tree than a crow’s nest would be. How to Work With Wildlife and AnimalsDo you want to work with wildlife? Have you thought about what kind of career to pursue so that you can work with wildlife for a living? Here are some tips on how to get hands-on before having to commit to a career path. My two crows will let me come within 5 feet of them.

Not to state the obvious or anything, but crows and ravens are birds with wings and can fly away. Since ravens don’t require specific diets and are commonly found in most places of the world, support and supplies for them can be much cheaper compared to other exotic pets. Now that you know which crows and ravens you can legally and ethically own as a pet, are crows and ravens a good fit for you? However, American crows and common ravens — also known as northern ravens or western ravens — are found throughout the United States. The common raven is a member of a family of birds known as the Corvidae, which includes jays, crows, and magpies. A nest site is usually chosen away from those of other crows.


However, it is important to remember these birds are not domesticated like parrots or parakeets. If you are seriously contemplating having a crow as a pet, you should also factor in the cost of building an appropriate aviary. Assuring you have the time and ability to provide the bird a happy and social life is an important consideration also. All that to say, unless you are already a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, it will be difficult for you to legally care for a crow. Likely, it would be easier , if you take them to an established bird rehabilitation center.

So you’d have a very long, difficult, expensive, full-time job tending your hostage. Your goal shouldn’t be to tame them or take them as pets, which is illegal in most states anyway, not to mention ethically dubious. Even after years of friendship, a crow will be skittish and standoffish , and it’s better this way. This may require some trial and error, as crows can be surprisingly finicky—or at least my urban ones are. You’ll know a crow likes what you feed it judging by how quickly it swoops down to grab it. If that pile of leftovers you leave for them sits all day, that means they just aren’t interested, so try something else—just make sure it’s healthy.

How Much Do Pied Crows & White-necked Ravens Cost?

I still find him in the what is mont blanc and take food to the parents. Hopefully he will be able to roost with them at night soon. Occasionally I have seen him on single story roofs and I hope he will be strong enough to go with the family if they leave when the snow comes.

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Ravens will hide or cache food supplies, and will raid other ravens’ caches, creating social dynamics involving disguising caches and creating fake caches. They also have the habit, like most hawks and owls, of regurgitating undigestible food in the form of a pellet. An analysis of hundreds of raven pellets from Umiat, Alaska, indicated that 50 percent of the raven’s winter diet consisted of live prey captured by ravens.

They leave the nest about one month after hatching. Ravens may live as long as 35 years in the wild, but much less is normal. Ravens have one or two broods a year, averaging four to seven eggs per brood. Incubation takes eighteen days with a four- to five-week fledgling period before the young leave the nest. The eggs range from pale bluish-green to olive green or greenish-brown with splotches of brown and olive-gray.

180 is the max, but you can apply for an extension if the bird is not ready. You may enjoy the ravings of a wild crow temporarily outside your window, but having one as a pet is a different story. Their frequent vocalizations can quickly grow old.

They are very teratorial and rarely a war accept in the spring time. I think the demand to keep the brooder fed and the fledging fed is stressful so any food no matter how hard to obtain is sought after by a few unwelcomed families. They dive bomb the intruders just as if they would treat a hawk swooping by.

  • Stop bird in underground parking, lots, booths & trees that surround your municipal or private vehicle-based business.
  • Ravens are challenging pets, but their beauty and amazing intelligence make them worth the effort.
  • However, difficulty finding one is not the hardest part about having one of these birds as a pet.
  • So crows will take their own sweet time deciding if they trust you or not …
  • They live pizza, taquitos, hotdogs, cashews, cooked chicken…

Ravens have been known to mimic the sounds of human voices, car honks and engines, even other bird calls! They can even use body language and gestures to communicate with one another. I forgot to add that cheese was also a staple in the foods I put out for the crows. I haven’t gotten around to feeding them yet, but they seem interested in following me around. And I always make sure to say Hi to them when I can. The current setup and somewhat thin layer of trust is fine with me.

They also interact in a playful fashion with other animals, including wolves and bears. This likely helps them when their scavenging puts them in close proximity to these predators. Each year, many crows winter in southern Pennsylvania, where weather conditions are relatively mild, and food is abundant. Here, they may group into flocks of thousands that congregate nightly at roosts—spots where crows have sometimes gathered together for decades. Each day, crows fly in different directions from the roosts, then feed and return at night.


Most often, nests are built in the crotch of a tree, 10 to 70 feet above ground, usually more than 25 feet. A typical crow’s nest is a large, substantial basket, 22 to 26 inches across, built of twigs, sticks, bark and vines. The deep central cup is lined with moss, shredded bark, grass, deer hair, fur, feathers or similar material.

  • Before you decide you need one, you should first determine whether or not it would make a suitable companion.
  • Likely, it would be easier , if you take them to an established bird rehabilitation center.
  • They will build their nests on cliffs, in trees, and on structures such as power-line towers, telephone poles, billboards, and bridges.
  • If you get the proper approval to own a raven, you’ll likely end up purchasing one from a reputable, legal breeder.

Their beaks are built for pecking and pulling apart meat and flesh. While they aren’t usually aggressive, they can be when provoked. They can also mimic sounds and even learn the ability to mimic human voices so much so that it sounds like they are a real human having a real conversation. This opens up a lot of possibilities as to what you can feed them. You can feed them a variety of foods such as meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and more.

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