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Are you looking for a safe, clean and sober environment to live in somewhere in the state of Massachusetts? If you or someone you know has recently tried to quit using drugs or alcohol and needs a clean and sober environment to live in and continue their recovery, sober living may be the next ideal step down recovery lane. Sober living homes in Massachusetts are the halfway point to bridge this gap in a smart, safe way, thereby reducing the risk of relapse. Sober houses in Mass will ease your transition from residential treatment back into a stable and sober living environment at home. You will continue to receive all the support, guidance, and even some of the structure you have relied upon during treatment to keep you focused on sobriety.

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The idea was to remove clients from destructive living environments that encouraged substance use and create new social support systems in treatment. Some programs created halfway houses where clients could reside after they completed residential treatment or while they attended outpatient treatment. Massachusetts sober living homes refer to any substance-free, structured group living arrangement for persons recovering from addiction. Sober living houses in Massachusetts serve as a bridge between residential treatment and independent living. They provide the next level of care after a detox or substance abuse treatment program.

The Phases of Sober Living in Massachusetts

Our mission is to help our clients achieve long-term recovery, move on from feelings of shame, and learn how to live a fulfilled life. Our sober living home reinforces honesty and integrity as we provide support along the journey to cultivating a new, constructive and optimistic sober lifestyle. With more than 40 years of recovery experience, our team understands what you’re going through and we want to help you love life again. Also known as sober homes or transitional homes, halfway houses have differing rules in place.

This treatment organization cultivates a large number of community partnerships, including with Berkshire Health Systems (BHS), and accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and private health insurance. Massachusetts Medicaid (MassHealth) operates Accountable Care Organization plans to provide comprehensive addiction treatment and other healthcare coverage. does not endorse any treatment facility or guarantee the quality of care provided, or the results to be achieved, by any treatment facility. Family therapy is often done alongside drug treatment to help addicts stay sober. The goal of family therapy for drug addiction is to create an environment where communication can happen without judgment, hostility, or blame.

Paying for Sober Homes in Massachusetts

Sober houses in Massachusetts are becoming more recognized these days for the safe and drug-free living spaces they provide. Staying in a sober living home can safeguard recovery for those finishing treatment. People who are in sober living homes come out of treatment with a safety net in case they don’t have a supportive environment to go home to and continue recovering. With peers who share the same goals, it can be easier to maintain sobriety and prevent relapse. This year’s Minnesota House human services omnibus bill includes a series of restrictions to sober homes across the state.

  • Sober living homes provide a stable and supportive environment for people in early recovery.
  • At Rise Again it is our mission to assist women and families during their journey of recovery.
  • Residents can also commit to an outpatient rehab treatment program during their stay in the house.
  • The Special Needs Housing programs (Chapter 689 and Chapter 167) are designed to provide housing with specialized services for persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities, or physical disabilities.
  • In addition, occupants of a halfway house must attend substance abuse recovery-based treatment or program, including 12-step meetings and therapy.

Instead, they provide their occupants with a safe and supportive community, all working to prevent a relapse. Sober living homes provide structure and support that can be vital in early sober house boston recovery when people are working to establish new sober routines. Our „family“ way of life will provide a safe and clean environment that is ideal for continuing long-term recovery.

Family Partner, Crisis Team

Vanderburgh House, a supporter of Sober House Directory, builds sober home communities where residents are supported in their recovery journeys. Vanderburgh House sees a world where every person in recovery has access to a supportive, healthy, and safe home environment built on respect, focused on recovery, and lead by peers. Residents live together as a family to develop the tools and strengthen their character in order to live free from substance abuse.

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